Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I was so happy that this summer I could visit Gallaudet campus!
It was a delight to walk around campus and see the statue of Alice and Gallaudet.
I am still working on my book: A Study of Alice. I am optimistic it will be ready and published by Sept. 2016!

(Above) This is a pretty common view of this famous statue.

I love that Alice has a book clutched to her bosom. She really did love learning. Even though this statue was created 100 years after Thomas Gallaudet was born, they do seem to have captured her sweet demeanor and her passion for learning.

I think I prefer this point-of-view of the statue. (Below) I just wish I had gotten to the campus- maybe a half hour sooner, then I wouldn't have had ANY shadow on her face.

To me, where you stand and view the statue- really gives a different feeling.
I would be interested to know if it has the same effect on you! Please comment below your thought and feelings as you compare the picture on the left and the image on the right.

As always- THANKS for Stopping by!

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