About Author

Sarah-Jane has always enjoyed writing and drawing. She has kept a journal, since she was 8 years old. One summer, when she was still in grade school, she wrote a newsletter and delivered it to her neighbors- anonymously.

She started learning American Sign Language when she was 11 years old, and attended a mainstreamed  Jr High and High school. (Mainstreamed means Deaf and hearing students attend classes together.) Because of a sight impediment and her short attention span, she often sat near the front of class, where the deaf students happen to sit as well. Like most hearing people do- she  watched the interpreter during class lectures.  Attending classes that were interpreted, and having deaf friends made learning sign language second nature.

In 1998 Sarah-Jane graduated from Brigham Young University with an Education degree, yet has worked as a professional ASL interpreter for over 20 years. While raised in Maryland near Gallaudet University, she has also lived in Hawaii, Florida, and California.

Her stories are laced with themes from her childhood, along with American Sign Language, Deaf culture and history.

You can contact Sarah-Jane at smalls.sj(at)gmail(dot)com

Sarah-Jane is a pen name.
In attempt to keep her interpreting profession separate from her writing life, the author has chosen to write under a different name.

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